Full Fledged Star Clothing Summer Clothing Line Coming Soon!

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Book G.A.T. now! Only through FFSE!

Visit out Booking page to get him at your next live event!

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G.A.T. – “On My Team”

This is going to be a smash single fo’ sure! Make sure you’re bumpin’ this!

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The Internet Made Me Rich

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G.A.T.’s new mixtape “Lottery Ticket” coming out in February 2014

We got the new shit coming soon with all new tracks for your eardrums! So stay tuned!

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G.A.T. – “No Hook” Official Music Video

G.A.T be droppin’ mad references in this track – we made it visual so you can see most of them! Check out as G.A.T rolls down the street and spits this.

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G.A.T. – “Monster”

Make sure you bumpin’ this banger!

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G.A.T. @ Clark Atlanta Meeting Fly Ty Of V103

G.A.T. and Fly Ty get it in

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G.A.T. studio session @ Grand Hustle w/ Calico Jonez and 32

G.A.T. in Grand Hustle studios dropping rhymes with Calico Jonez and 32!

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G.A.T. – “Bidding War” Mixtape Out Now for FREE!

G.A.T.’s second mixtape, “Bidding War” is out and this shit is HOT! It’s currently available to download for FREE, so get it while G.A.T.’s still feeling generous!

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